Black widow baby, 2017

Black widow baby, 2017

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Story: Our family consists mostly of women. We and our cousins had no fathers. We use to wonder where our fathers were. Asking our mothers was pointless cause it seemed that they didn't wanted to talk about it. So we came up with a theory, our mothers are black widows. Back then that made more sense to us than thinking that our fathers left us behind because they didn't care for us. 


What's special about this piece?

This piece was created as an illustration by Konkoshu. Later Ekenne, who was inspired by it, decided to make a 3D version of it by painting over a doll. 



    • Size: H45 X W26 X D28,5 cm
    • Medium: Wall paint and black ink on doll.
    • Subject Matter: Painting
    • Type: Mix media

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