Curse of the dead wife, 2010

Curse of the dead wife, 2010

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Original story: "Yotsuya Ghost Story" is a retelling of the classic Japanese ghost story, written by the 18th-century kabuki playwright Nanboku Tsuruya IV. In the anime, Nanboku himself becomes the narratorIemon Tamiya is a callous ronin samurai who marries a beautiful woman named Oiwa. While secretly killing her father who would not accept him, he encountered Naosuke, who believes he killed Satou Yomoshichi who was betrothed to Oiwa's sister-in-law Osode. They posed the two bodies to allay suspicion. Iemon becomes disenchanted with Oiwa after the birth of their child and he feels the burden of their poverty. He accepts medicine for Oiwa from Itou Kihei, a local wealthy man, however, it is a drug provided by Itou's beautiful granddaughter Oume that disfigures Oiwa. Meanwhile, Iemon is offered money to marry Oume and is told about the plot to disfigure Oiwa. Iemon then orders his servant Takuetsu to kill Oiwa after having his way with her, however, she commits suicide when she learns of Iemon's treachery. Iemon then kills a servant who previously stole from him and has his body is nailed to a wooden panel along with the dead Oiwa then tossed into the river, suggesting they had been lovers. Iemon marries the Oume as promised, but he is plagued by visions of Oiwa's vengeful spirit and kills her on their wedding night. It is suggested that Oiwa has laid a curse on the houses of Itou and Tamiya, and everyone involved with her demise will suffer a horrible death. Meanwhile, Osode, Oiwa's sister-in-law, learns of Oiwa's death and agrees to marry her suitor Naosuke if he will take revenge for her. However, Satou Yomoshichi is still alive and he finds the couple. Osode then tricks the two men into killing her, although Yomoshichi is still bound to take revenge on Iemon. Iemon continues to see visions of Oiwa, and people close to him die mysteriously. He flees in desperation and is confronted by Satou Yomoshichi who finally kills him. The narrator Nanboku Tsuruya then tells of misfortunes which have fallen on those who have staged the play, but claims that are still just a story.


Personal meaning: Since we were young, we always loved the Japanese culture. What attracted us the most is Japanese pop culture that includes manga, anime and pop music. Aside from that, we also developed a fascination for Japanese horror stories. Yotsuya Ghost Story is one of our favorites horror stories. What we like about this story is its message. The love of a woman can be generous but also dangerous if you do her wrong. This illustration was painted on the back of a jacket we use to own. It was our favorite jacket and we use to wear it almost every day. This piece brings a lot of memories to us. The writings on this piece are in Japanese. PLEASE DO NOT READ IT 3 TIMES, it contains a curse that we created. WE ARE NOT TO BLAME IF ANY HARM COMES TO YOU.



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    • Size: Folded Carré (29 x 42 cm)
    • Medium: Acrylic paint, textile marker on textile and panel
    • Subject Matter: Illustration
    • Type: Painting

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