Mama Sawa, 2018

Mama Sawa, 2018

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Story: It was the year 2007 and we decided to travel to Japan the place since we were children, always wanted to visit. We stayed for a month there. We had an amazing experience but the best part of our trip, was when we stayed a week or so in the house of the parents of our Japanese teacher. Before meeting this amazing couple, we did know what home was. Also, we didn't know how much we needed it. The parents of our Japanese teacher healed a deep wound that our parents had inflected to us. For that, we are forever thankful to Mama and Papa Sawa. 


What's special about this piece?

Jack only paints portraits of men that he had sexual or romantic encounters with.

By painting Mama Sawa, it shows how profound the admiration that he has for her.  



    • Size: H120  X W81 cm
    • Medium: Charcoal, wall paint, acrylic, black marker and ink on panel.
    • Subject Matter: Painting
    • Type: Mix media

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