Player, 2017

Player, 2017

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Story: Once upon a time we met a guy from Bulgaria online on a dating app. He asks us out for a date.

We couldn't resist. Have you looked at his handsome face? So we went out and he looked even better in person. The date was lovely and he was super charming. He asked us out for a second date. On that day we waited and waited but he didn't show up. We called him up and he told us, he hated to work on something and he forgot to call us to tell us he couldn't make it. But later on the same day, we found out he went on a date with someone else.  


He lied to us and we were not happy about it. So Darcko performs an art ritual to curse him.

The ritual consist of putting a few spikes on the portrait and some other things. After the ritual, the portrait looked very scary and ugly. Jack was found by the good looks of the subject and didn't like the state it was in. So he took pity on the piece and painted over it. If you take a closer look tho this painted, you can still see the spikes and the damage that had occurred during the ritual. 


What's special about this piece?

The piece can be used to bring bad fortune to anyone that had lied or cheated on you. 

With this piece, you will receive a document that contains a spell to use the cursed on someone else.  


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    • Size: H47.5 X W47.5
    • Medium: Charcoal, wall paint, acrylic, black marker and ink on panel.
    • Subject Matter: Expresionism
    • Type: Painting

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