Trail of the mad man, 2017

Trail of the mad man, 2017


Story: Darcko is always looking for ways to express what a free-minded human being looks like.  

According to Darcko, people are always hiding their true desires until they lose everything. In this piece, we see a man naked on a chair against a wall shouting. This piece was inspired by homeless men we use to see on the streets of Curaçoa. 


What's special about this piece?

Darcko learned a lot by working on this piece. 

This piece is one of the mixed works he ever created. 



    • Size: H55 X W55 X 7 CM
    • Medium: Charcoal, wall paint, acrylic, black marker and ink on panel.
    • Subject Matter: Illustration
    • Type: Mixmedia

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